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What we do

Each month we diligently record the average spreads of the major FX pairs, as well as other key data sets from every broker on our site, to ensure our comparison tables, reviews and articles are up-to-date with only the most current and accurate information.

This information forms the backbone of our site and means that you, the trader, have all the facts together in one place to make an informed decision on which broker to trade with.

We also aim to provide first-class educational content to help people understand forex trading and it’s concepts.

How we make money

To uphold the integrity of our website, we do not accept any form of payment from brokers to influence the content of our reviews.

Commercial partnerships

Our pages have buttons that link through to the forex broker websites. When clicked you will be redirected to the broker website of your choice, where you can open a trading account. In some cases SearchForexBrokers.com may receive a referral fee from the broker.

There is no need to worry, the broker picks up the cost and there is no additional charge from either us or the broker when you open a trading account. Rest assured if you sign up with a broker via our website, you are paying exactly the same as you would if you opened an account directly through the brokers site.

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